Balkan Trading & Distribution SRL

Balkan Trading & Distribution was established in 2007 in Bucharest, Romania, as a part of the Balkan Industrial Group due to the rapid expansion of the production capacities of the plants in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and the need to expand to new markets. From the moment of establishment, we differentiated ourselves by committing to long term business relations and the application of up-to-date trading solutions.

Our core business operations involve the delivery of petrochemical, petroleum, fertilizers and coal to our clients in Balkan countries. Our main and traditional core competencies have been trading activities that link product demand with product supply and the extensive network of clients we have acquired through these trading activities. As an independent, privately owned company, we establish business links with the small and major producers as well as state-owned companies, in order to arrange the physical trading, financing, storing and supply of the products to our clients all over the world. More than a decade of our presence in the market gave us the opportunity to establish a worldwide networking system of coordination offices and warehouses as well as profound mutual relations with many leading manufacturers.

From our main office in Geneva we originate and implement trading solutions that create value and commercial advantages for our customers and various stakeholders involved.

We are particularly concentrating on the Balkan Countries, Turkey and Middle East, where we operate and cooperate with both, multinational and local companies to fill the regional supply and demand gaps in order to open new opportunities for our overseas clients.

Wherever we operate we establish long-term partnerships based on transparency and mutual respect. We aim to share expertise, provide training and build local capabilities so that our trading and investments deliver benefits to the people, communities and businesses we partner with and serve.