Balkan Trading Company do not only trade, but more importantly for more as important as trading is the followup of every single trade we do, which consist mostly out of these different categories:

  • Legal Support
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • After-delivery follow-up

Shipping & Logistics

To ensure great and effective shipping&logistics service the Balkan Group has in the organization a number of highly qualified logistic experts under the lead of Marco Pili, our xxxx. We developed a big logistic infrastructure with relations all over the world and are with this able to execute and follow all the important steps in the supply chain that follows a trade:

Shipping Based on the product type, delivery time necessity and product value we will transport via different modes:

Via land: with our network we can tender every job to more than 20000 trucking companies, and initiate shipping procedure within maximum 2 days after the trade deal has been accepted. Our broad network allows us to be able to offer a solution for every kind of product that needs to be transported:

  • Dangerous good transport (ADR)
  • Refrigerated
  • Liquid and Gas
  • Palletized products
  • Bulk
  • Heavy  Exceptional transport for shipping of products with extreme size or weight

o By sea: we have agreements with 3 of the biggest sea freight forwarders in the world and can transport to and from every destination, by 20- or 40-foot container, or if the volume allows, by Large Bulk Carriers, that can transport up to 250.000 tons of bulk product at once.

o By rail: rail transport is a quicker alternative for sea transport. Ideal for large quantity bulk loadings, we can offer service through the whole European continent, and have even direct connections to China via the New Silk Road.

o By air: for high value goods and time stringent deliveries we offer also a premium aviation service, allowing us to deliver products even within 24 hours from the concluding of a business deal.

– Storage Trades are price-driven meaning that often the timing of a trade deal will not coincide with a particular demand of a product but depends on the moment when the price of that product is on a higher/lower level than the moment the product is actually needed. We offer therefore different storage opportunities to our customers, so that they can delay the delivery of their products, even if the trade deal has already been made. We can store any kind of good with our network of logistical warehouses (to 50.000m2), oil bunkers and silos.

– Customs clearance is a mandatory procedure for all goods crossing the border between 2 countries. Our Logistics team provides brokerage and includes a full range of clearance services for any kind of traded good. We make all the necessary documents and solve the issues on customs clearance on behalf of the demanding party.

Our experts will follow the whole procedure by the next steps:

o consultations for customs clearance o analysis of primary documentation and preparation of all necessary papers o goods classification and TE FEA codes input o signing documents confirming compliance with the technical, sanitary and environmental standards of the countries of the Customs Union; o getting certificates of conformity for the goods; o Our partners will provide experts that will be present in customs inspection and make photo notes of inspection process