As a medium-size specialised fertilizers trader, we are able to make quick decisions and react rapidly to changing market conditions, while also benefiting from the scale of our operations and the diversity of our portfolio of fertilizer products. We endeavour to manage our business with flexibility, professionalism and a deep understanding of our counterparties’ needs. Above all, BTC values the privileged relationships we have built with our clients and suppliers over a decade.

Our long-standing experience in the fertilizer trading sector has made us one of the most trustworthy and reliable partners in the business. Delivering targeted and customised solutions to our partners and customers has always been our prime focus, providing us the edge both in logistics and sourcing.

Through strategic stakes and long-term sourcing agreements with key manufacturers for incessant off-take, we have ensured reliable supplies. This, combined with our flexibility, financial prowess and remarkable control over logistics makes us one of the most dependable and reliable fertilizer traders in the international arena.

Our suppliers are farmers, farming co-operatives, processing plants, local exporters and global merchants. Our customers include the processing industry (food, animal feed and consumer products), local importers and government purchasing entities. We keep improving our long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers through regular contracts and assistance in processing, financing and logistics. Our worldwide network of offices and agents, close to clients’ and suppliers’ locations, allows us to facilitate and enhance all operations, from sourcing at origin to the delivery to the final client.