Coal, a sedimentary rock composed mainly of carbon, is used to produce electricity or heat through combustion. It currently meets nearly a third of the world’s energy needs and produces roughly two fifths of global electricity. Coke, a fuel usually derived from coal is used for smelting iron ore during steel manufacturing. Our main sources of thermal coal purchases are mining companies in strategically important producing regions. We supply thermal coal to customers from a wide range of industries and locations, including major utilities across three continents. We also sell to leading cement producers, steel mills, chemical plants and other industrial users throughout the world.

Central to BTC’s approach to business is a culture that values each individual contact as a respected source of insight and information, and that empowers each trader to respond to the needs of their customers. Therefore, we aim to fulfil the needs of our buyers with a satisfactory coal quality both locally and internationally through high standards of professionalism, credibility, and sustainability.

We conduct our business at the highest level of integrity and accountability offering a wide range of multi-origin coals to European and Asian consumers.

We supply coal and coke in any quantity and quality required, and deliver it to your desired destination. Our longestablished contacts and experience mean we can maintain deliveries, even when there are bottlenecks in the supply chain. We would be glad to undertake all required processes on your behalf and be on hand as your reliable partner. We provide you with detailed advice on selecting the best product for your intended use and support you with the modalities, such as insurance and financing.

All the processes are monitored by us, naturally this also includes the loading and unloading processes of shipments. We leave neither the coal nor our customers on their own; moreover, we offer you a reliable all-round service. We have a duty of care, which we take very seriously. You can depend on our efficiency and reliability because we have years of experience and specialist skills in all sectors and are there to guide you every step of the way.

– Procurement
We have contacts in all relevant coal-mining countries and purchase only from dependable suppliers who fulfil our quality requirements. Selection is the first important step in quality assurance.

– Marketing
With coal from first-class producers, we also ensure long-term sufficiency of supply for our various customers.

– Processing
The coal is crushed, washed, screened and if required blended according to the customer‘s wishes. The result is exactly the quality that the customer orders from us.

– Storage
We have large storage facilities and can of course offer our customers temporary storage. Our storage is not only economical, it is environmentally compatible, secure and efficient.


At the end of an extensive research project, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) came to the conclusion that coal could play an even more important role in the future than it does today. „We believe that the use of coal will increase in every foreseeable scenario because it is cheap and amply available,“ concluded the expert committee consisting of academics from the fields of economics, science and politics, at the end of three years of data collection and analysis. The International Energy Agency (IEA) calculates that primary energy consumption will rise by 55% by 2030. Over the same time period, the share of fossil fuels in primary energy consumption will reach 29%. Coal currently produces 40% of our electricity.